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Microalgae with multiple beneficial properties:

Valuable sport, work and study allies.

They provide the daily substances needed to maintain a good state of health.

They make the dishes you prepare for your family and friends unique.

Some of the main functions of microalgae:

 Energising, increases resistance to fatigue

 Antioxidant and immune system boosting action

Source of B vitamins, including vitamin B12

 Source of essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6

  Detoxifying (detox) function that purifies your body

  Per 100g of product, its protein content is higher than that of red meat and eggs

  Antimicrobial action (natural antibiotic)


Find the right microalgae for your needs!

5g (2-3 heaping teaspoons) of Spirulina algae act as a:

valuable source of iron, calcium and potassium

source of protein with an amount larger than the daily dose of nuts (approx. 15-20g)

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5g (2-3 heaping teaspoons) of Chlorella algae correspond to:

2.2 mg iron (100g beef fillet contains 1.9 mg iron)

vitamin B12 equal to 1/3 of the daily intake for the perfect functioning of your body

Do you practice sports or particularly strenuous activities?

With Spirulina algae, you speed up your metabolism, increase your energy and improve your performance.

With Chlorella algae, you replenish the minerals lost during physical exertion and reduce muscle recovery times.

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Microalgae in the scientific literature

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There are numerous scientific studies demonstrating the qualities of microalgae.

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